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2016 Quarterly Impact Report


The conclusion of 2016 marks the middle of our 5th year of service in Memphis.  Designed by teachers & powered by coaches- MICR is a full-service organization dedicated to empowering young men and women living in Memphis’ low-resourced neighborhoods. Our dream from day 1 was to foster and create better opportunities to our students.  We wanted to level the playing field for them through a non-traditional sport, and an unfamiliar challenge.  By collaborating with some of the most talented leaders and educators in the city- we’ve done that and much more.

We talk a lot about #ChangingTheGame because we are here, on the ground, witnessing it happen each day.  We know talk is cheap so we want to prove to you that our model works and that changing the game may just be an understatement.  To that end, we hope you’ll read through the report below which details what our student-athletes have been doing for the past 4 months.

CLICK HERE: 2016 Quarterly Report

Without a flagship sponsor or large capital investment, MICR operates annually on the brink of existence. Our impact is real, robust, and a result of talented volunteers who make herculean sacrifices to change lives.   We are a 501(c)3 non-profit aggressively pursuing the funding needed to ensure that our work is sustainable into the future.  Without any full-time employees or a compensated director, our continued work- and quality of that work- will be dependent on the longevity of heroic human sacrifices made by full-time teachers and workers around Memphis.  Advocating for our cause is easy– use this Q2 report to share with those who may be able to help.  Contact us to inquire about how to help directly.  Become part of the movement that is #CHANGINGTHEGAME.


Shenna on December 21, 2016 AT 06 pm

My son play for PCA High school n he loves it n that’s all he talk about. It has made a great impact on him.