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The Power of Rugby: A Documentary


Calvin saw his cousin – who had just been released from prison – for the first time in years, as he cheered from the sidelines at the start of the semi-finals. PCA was in the middle of it’s historic trip to The State Championships, and the rain had begun to turn to sleet. The head coach at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville had just invited Kyree to visit campus so he could introduce him to what he hoped would be his future college rugby team, after watching him burn defenders on a 60 yard streak to the try zone. More college scouts had now turned their eyes to the unlikely team that was breaking barriers, and shaking up rugby in Tennessee. PCA had key players go down with untimely injuries, and the fields were collecting puddles as temperatures continued to plummet. What would happen, nobody expected, and what a small team of inner city kids learned – having traveled for hours across the state of Tennessee, to new places, new challenges, and new opportunities – cannot be measured.

These were the stories that inspired a small crew of talented film-makers to drive from Florida to a small town in East Tennessee to film our trip to The State Championships. After making immense sacrifices and hauling cameras and gear all across the state, Prime Provision Studios has put together some amazing shots of our guys in action, and powerful stories from their lives and work in Memphis. Enjoy the preview to the documentary above and keep your eyes peeled for the full version to be released next month!


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